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Threat Intelligence Platform

Build your ideal solution and futureproof your intelligence unit with easy-to-use, scalable threat intelligence software.


No matter how big your team, or your requirements, we can shape our threat intelligence solutions to help you meet your goals.

Whether you’d like to:

  • Gain a deeper insight into the threat landscape
  • Act faster to better protect your people and assets
  • Better understand the impact of what’s happening
  • More efficiently allocate your resources and increase productivity
  • Streamline your operations and simplify processes
  • Be able to quickly adapt to change

You can build a threat intelligence platform that ticks every box.


Tailor your data

The first step is to define the type of threat intelligence you want to see within your platform. When the intelligence collection and reporting is shaped to closely reflect your operations, you get a more useful and precise insight into the global security landscape, and the impact of it all.

Which is why we’ll conduct an intelligence collection plan with you as part of the onboarding process.

Guided by your needs, we use military intelligence principles to put tried and tested open-source collection methods into action. Fused with datamining tools and a growing crowdsourced network, we deliver balanced, timely and actionable data that’s relevant to you.


Hand-pick your features

You have your data, now you need to visualise it.

If you already have an existing platform or interface, you’re probably looking for an API feed. If not, you can start building out your threat intelligence platform with our standard and premium features.

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