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Helping you make better decisions with a fresh approach to threat intelligence.


Whilst many organisations may not consider themselves to be operating in high risk or dangerous areas of the world, profound social instability, failure in governance and deepening polarisation between opposing political and cultural views is constituting new threats, in new places.

In just the past few years, globally, we have seen events and incidents unfold that would seem so far removed from reality in decades gone by. This is why the need for high-quality threat intelligence is growing rapidly.

To keep up to date with the many challenges and risks that our world now presents, a consistent stream of reliable data can be the lifeline that keeps your business, people and assets safe.

The aim of a threat intelligence solution is to give organisations the time, knowledge and resource to respond quickly. With most intelligence solutions, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach and unfortunately, many are automated, bypassing the importance of human interpretation in the intelligence cycle. The others? They’ve become stagnant and have underestimated the need to harness new technology as part of their collection methods.

That’s where we come in.

For security professionals who want an intelligence solution that evolves as quickly as the global threat landscape, here at Intelligence Fusion, we’re transforming the industry.

We focus on fusing together innovative technology, military intelligence principles and client-led design to provide a unique and tailored approach to intelligence collection, for every sector.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

Build your ideal solution and futureproof your intelligence unit with easy-to-use, scalable threat intelligence software.

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Threat Intelligence API

Visualise a quality feed of highly-tailored threat intelligence in an already existing platform or interface with a seamless API integration.

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Open-Source Intelligence Training

Discover, evaluate and understand threats of every kind with an OSINT training course designed around military principles and real-life experiences.

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Embedded Intelligence Analyst

Close the skills gap in your team with a highly-trained intelligence analyst, fully vetted and chosen to match your exact requirements.

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Tap into our intelligence expertise as and when it’s required with our flexible intelligence support and consultancy service.

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