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Intelligence Fusion signs long-term agreement with one of the world’s largest oil and gas corporations

Intelligence Fusion, a threat intelligence data and software provider, will design and build a brand-new threat intelligence platform for one of the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies.

The eight-year deal worth over £675,000 sees Intelligence Fusion’s inhouse software development team work closely with the oil giant’s security leaders in order to provide an entirely bespoke solution, reflecting both the individuality of the organisation as well as the wider characteristics of the oil and gas industry.

The customised threat intelligence software is to be rolled out across the client’s international security function with the aim of creating a single, unified system that will streamline their processes and the way they operate, whilst increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Intelligence Fusion’s CEO, Michael McCabe, said: “This is a great achievement for Intelligence Fusion and marks our entrance into the energy sector. We constantly strive to be innovative and for us to gain this energy major as a client is a real testament to the work we are doing. The fact that we have been retained for almost a decade to work with this client shows the faith they have put in us.”

“Customised intelligence platforms are the future, and I am proud that Intelligence Fusion are showing how capable we are at software development in this space, using our years of intelligence experience, in-house technical team and constant innovation to create the tools our client’s need to manage the global threat landscape.”

In addition to Intelligence Fusion’s own threat data, the new software will ingest feeds from various other security and intelligence providers, creating a complete and comprehensive picture of the threat intelligence landscape which will allow the client to identify threats more quickly and orchestrate responses more efficiently.

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