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Tailored threat intelligence data and bespoke software solutions for global security teams

Whether you need a custom interface, a seamless API or ready-to-go software, we can help you better protect your people, assets and reputations.

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Members of a Mormon community shot and killed in Bavispe, Mexico


Impact: Extreme

Capitol riots in Washington, D.C.


Impact: Extreme

George Floyd killed during arrest in Minneapolis


Impact: Extreme

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Illustrated map of the world

From the technology we build to the incidents we report, we put you in control of your own solution

Guide our data collection to see the incidents that impact you

When the intelligence feed is shaped to closely reflect your operations, you get a more useful and precise insight into the global security landscape, and how it impacts you.

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Visualise incidents to enhance your situational awareness

Your data is structured in a way that’s easy to interpret for a quick response. Already sanitised and fact-checked, you’re never wasting time or resource acting on false information.

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The background visuals of our software
The filter panel visuals of our software
The stats panel visuals of our software

We provide clarity and context to help you understand what’s really happening and why it matters


Live and in-depth incident profiles

Read developing incident reports that deliver key information, statistics and potential impact through interactive live visuals.


Threat level: EXTREME






Criminal deaths


Police injuries



Threat level: EXTREME



Military grade intelligence

Travel Disruption: London Victoria Bus Station has been evacuated. The reason for evacuation is currently unclear. This incident occurred with 0.2km of your Company HQ: https://app.intelligencefusion.co.uk/

Demonstration: Protest ongoing at 100 Victoria Street. Social media reports suggest a road blockade is being erected. This incident occurred within 0.1km of your Company HQ: https://app.intelligencefusion.co.uk/

Protect your people and assets

Manage your assets by setting parameters, filters and alerts to enhance your situational awareness and make informed decisions.

Interactive Heatmaps

Graph showing a downward pattern of alerts

12,551 Incidents

COVID-19 Pandemic

Analyse patterns and trends

Visualise ongoing and evolving threats as a heatmap to better understand the global impact and better prepare for security risks.

A grey outline world map graphic A map of the world with various heated areas showing alert density

Meet the Team

Artificial intelligence with a human network

Actionable threat intelligence is essential to security teams. We combine new technology with a military intelligence trained analyst team to provide reliable, credible and consistent data when it matters most.

Meet the Team


sources of information


articles scraped


incidents verified

Statistics Per Month

Powered by People

  • Analysis
  • Datamining
  • Software


VP of Operations


Working round the clock to provide a complete and comprehensive security picture across the globe.

Turning information into intelligence, our analysts are responsible for reporting, following, updating and verifying incidents from our 24/7 Operations Centre.

Intelligence Analysts


Senior Intelligence Analyst


Intelligence Manager


Senior Intelligence Analyst

Using military intelligence doctrine to put tried and tested open-source collection methods into action.


VP of Engineering


Supporting our operations team to provide real-time incident details.

Fusing artificial intelligence and machine learning with our manual collection to help us capture more information, quicker.

Data Scientists

Feeding raw data into the intelligence cycle in order to be moderated and contextualised, providing you with reliable, actionable alerts.


Software Engineer


Senior Intelligence Analyst


Designing, building and evolving threat intelligence software.

Helping clients better interpret data and provide perspective by developing intuitive intelligence tools and powerful visualisation.

Software Developers


Regional Intelligence Analyst

Taking intelligence and helping users more easily interpret the impact and visualise it for a faster response.

Trusted by Clients Worldwide

We help security professionals across the globe make better, more informed decisions.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

Build your ideal solution and futureproof your intelligence unit with easy-to-use, scalable threat intelligence software.

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Threat Intelligence API

Visualise a quality feed of highly-tailored threat intelligence in an already existing platform or interface with a seamless API integration.

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Open-Source Intelligence Training

Discover, evaluate and understand threats of every kind with an OSINT training course designed around military principles and real-life experiences.

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Embedded Intelligence Analyst

Close the skills gap in your team with a highly-trained intelligence analyst, fully vetted and chosen to match your exact requirements.

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Tap into our intelligence expertise as and when it’s required with our flexible intelligence support and consultancy service.

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