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Software Features

Empower your team with a threat intelligence software that's designed around them.


From the technology we build to the incidents we report, we put you in control of your own solution. Hand-pick the most important tools and features for you and your team. Or work with our in-house development team to build an entirely bespoke intelligence solution.

With our ready-to-go platform, a standard subscription includes:

  • Basic and advanced filtering options
  • Alerting functionality
  • Multiple mapping styles
  • Build your own statistics
  • Analyse patterns and trends using heatmapping

Customise your subscription, select premium tools and features to build the ultimate solution for your business.

Static Assets

Better protect your assets across the globe by accurately geolocating your properties and facilities onto the map. Set up a radius to be alerted of incidents and activity nearby and build out asset profiles to store key information, improving your threat response.

threat intelligence platform

Country Profiles

Get the complete picture with country profiles. Each country will have a dedicated page where your team can view related incidents, store documents and provide a comprehensive overview of the country’s current security landscape.

Group Profiles

Incorporate the profiles of threat actors globally to provide you with an overview of each group’s activity, get a better understanding of where they operate and allow you to monitor the changes in their movements.

Document Repository

Streamline processes and get work done faster by creating a central system to store, manage and share relevant documentation. The addition of the document repository functionality gives you direct access to reports, files and digital documents, all of which can be tagged and filed against assets, countries or groups.

Incident Reporting

Want to add your own incidents? If you have people in a SOC environment also gathering intel, or personnel on the ground seeing situations unfold first first-hand, they can report incidents onto our platform to ensure you always have the most comprehensive and complete overview of the threat landscape.


Rebrand your threat intelligence platform with your organisation’s logo and colour scheme. We’ll provide first-look designs to ensure it meets your brand guidelines.

Don’t see what you need? We can build it.

By aligning our cutting-edge design and technology expertise with your business needs, we can revolutionise the way you work. That’s why it’s essential that we fully understand your challenges and your goals, to ensure the end product ticks every box.

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