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Private security provider King Safety and Security enhances global operations with Intelligence Fusion

As part of our focus on the growing need for threat intelligence within the private security sector, we decided to shine the spotlight on one of our clients currently thriving in the industry, King Safety and Security (KSS), whose ongoing global operational commitments meant our
was a natural fit when it came to integrating with, and enhancing, their existing capabilities. 

We began working with KSS in June 2020 after it became clear that our mutual approach to client-focused solutions could give the team a significant advantage when it came to protecting people and assets. 

To tell us a little about their organisation and how our threat intelligence platform has enhanced its private security offering, we turned to the Company Director, Matthew Beer.

In simple terms, it's like removing the blindfold. 

Matthew Beer, Company Director

Could you tell us a little bit about King Safety and Security?

King Safety and Security (KSS) was founded in 2014. Having already spent a decade in the private security industry, I founded KSS due to increasing demand for services that I couldn’t supply single-handedly. With the inception of KSS, I began building a brand as well as recruiting and training operatives who reflected my ethos and approach to protective services. 

KSS’s senior management comprises a blend of military, police and private sector security backgrounds. Recruits are sourced from the same streams along with more specialist organisations or units, so we can be confident in their training and professional approach.

How has Intelligence Fusion been able to improve your situational awareness?

KSS has ongoing and periodic operational commitments in the UK, Europe, US, and the Middle East. Thanks to the integration of Intelligence Fusion’s platform, we now have a 360-degree operational awareness for our teams on the ground. 

From our ops room, we can disseminate accurate, timely intelligence relevant to our assets, dramatically increasing the level of proactive protection we afford our clients. In simple terms, it’s like removing the blindfold. 

How has the experience been so far?  

Working with Intelligence Fusion is a pleasure. The customer service and technical support have been excellent. The team truly understands the demands placed upon us and how much is potentially at stake in our operational environments, and do everything they can to support and enhance our GSOC efficacy through their expert analysts and infrastructure. 

Our partnership with Intelligence Fusion has undoubtedly helped to set us apart in terms of operational capability. 

Intelligence Fusion CEO, Michael McCabe, added, “Ten years ago intelligence was a nice to have add-on for private security companies. Now, it’s a prerequisite for many clients and forward-thinking companies like King Safety and Security, who engage with intelligence, are reaping the benefits, not only in terms of improving their resilience to threats but also as a business enabler.”

For more information on intelligence-led private security solutions, visit www.ksands.co.uk or connect with the team on

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