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Embedded Intelligence Analyst

Close the skills gap in your team with a highly-trained intelligence analyst, fully vetted and chosen to match your exact requirements.


With an embedded intelligence analyst from Intelligence Fusion, you get more than just a new member of the team.

Using us to hand-pick, train and manage an analyst that closely fits the needs of you and your team will not only guarantee a high calibre candidate, but means you’ll also benefit from our award-winning threat intelligence software, a tailored feed of data and our wider network of experts too.

Firstly, you’ll specify your requirements, the skills you’d like to find and what you’d like the ideal recruit to achieve as a member of your team. We’ll then contact our growing pool of global analysts to interview the best people for the job.

Our collective of analysts have all successfully completed our military-standard intelligence training, meaning they have an in-depth understanding of open-source intelligence collection, the intelligence cycle, analysis and assessment as well as imagery intelligence and geolocation.

Your dedicated embedded analyst will use their skills to focus on company-specific intelligence and any other data or information that’s relevant to your sector, providing you with a relevant, actionable threat intelligence picture.

They’ll also be in regular contact with us here at IF HQ and receive routine training, support and guidance to ensure they always have the resources they need.

Embedding an external analyst in this way provides you with a great deal of flexibility too. It can be scaled according to your budget, time frames and objectives.

To find out more about our embedded intelligence analyst solution, or to get a quote for your requirements, complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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