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Threat Intelligence API

Visualise a quality feed of highly-tailored threat intelligence in an already existing platform or interface with a seamless API integration.

api intelligence and threat intel api solution


Enhance your situational awareness with a simple integration of our threat intelligence API into your existing security and risk management technology. 

If you already have the tools to visualise a data feed and want to:

  • Evolve your current offering to include reliable threat intelligence
  • Gain a more precise understanding of relevant threats and their impact
  • Empower your team to produce more insightful analysis
  • Combine multiple databases to provide maximum threat context
  • Accelerate performance through heightened accuracy

Our threat intelligence API can be optimised to meet the unique needs of your business.

Tailor your data

One of the biggest challenges with threat intelligence is noise. Too much information can overwhelm the user, often leading to important information being missed. There is also an abundance of misinformation and fake news that can confuse and complicate the security landscape.

As a threat intelligence API client, you can help guide our intelligence collection so that it closely reflects the needs of your organisation; this provides you with a more useful and precise insight into what’s happening, and the impact of it too.

Step one of our onboarding process is to conduct an intelligence collection plan to scope out your requirements in more detail. Step two is strengthening our resources internally to ensure we’re helping you to meet your end goals in any way we can.



Incident types


New incidents every month


Historical data points

What is the cost of a threat intelligence API?

The cost of building your own 24/7 operations team to monitor the global threat landscape is extensive, not to mention the expense of hiring a development team to then build and maintain an intelligence API that meets the needs of security professionals.  

What is included in the Intelligence Fusion solution? 

  • 20+ expert analysts who have a global focus and training 
  • 15 technical experts  
  • 10 years of development  
  • 35 years of combined intelligence expertise 
  • Military standard training 
  • Award-winning intelligence capability 
  • ISO 27001 certified 
  • The only platform designed by intelligence professionals 
  • Backed by Sigma7  

Get all of the benefits mentioned above without having to build your own intelligence unit; simply integrate our API into your solution and gain access to: 

  • 1,200,000 historical incidents  
  • 20,000 new incidents per month   
  • 24/7 support
  • Specialist technical support 
  • 24/7 operations center  
  • Direct communication with our expert analysts  
  • Tailored threat intelligence based on your needs 
  • Global coverage 

Save 95% of the cost with our threat intelligence API 

For a fraction of the price, you can purchase our intelligence API to plug into your own platform and achieve the same result.   

Access our threat intelligence API documentation here.

Case Study

The benefits of working with Intelligence Fusion? 

  • Tailored threat intelligence to ensure you can easily cut through the noise and see incidents that are relevant to you and your clients
  • Gain global coverage to enhance your offering, expand your reach, gain bigger clients and achieve greater ROI
  • Increase the volume and granularity of data to offer more depth and insight to your customers
  • Receive quality data that is moderated by our team of experts resulting in less fake news, more context and accurate geolocation meaning your clients can respond quicker to threats

API intelligence solution. Threat intel API for security platforms


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