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A subscription to Intelligence Fusion gives you unfettered access to our global intelligence feed via individual or multiple platform subscriptions

By using algorithms, in-house collection and crowdsourcing, Intelligence Fusion can collate, process and disseminate intelligence on a scale that is not currently witnessed in the sector.

Accurate and high-quality global intelligence feeds have historically only been accessible to large corporations. But with traditional markets becoming more saturated, increasing numbers of businesses are looking to international markets, despite increased instability. The need for better intelligence is greater than ever. 

Whilst many threat intelligence services have remained stagnant and failed to keep up with technology or the growing needs of global organisations, Intelligence Fusion have developed a truly game-changing solution. 

It’s time for an evolution in intelligence...

By acquiring a subscription to our global intelligence feed, you will have access to a diverse range of data which is then processed by professional intelligence analysts before it is disseminated to subscribers. Our in-house team will place the information in a context which is useful to quickly detect and respond to relevant incidents helping you mitigate threats and protect your people and assets. 


Incidents Collected

Incident Icon 12,500

Incidents collected per month and growing.

Different Nationalities

Flag Icon 17

Our team is made up of 17 different nationalities.

Management Experience

Management Icon 30

Management has 30 years experience of intelligence and risk.

Historical Data

History Icon 400,000

Historical incidents to examine.



The value of human input in threat intelligence cannot be dismissed. The quality and integrity of our data lies in our reluctance to rely on one source or method of collecting data, we fuse together multiple sources and methods to create a holistic intelligence feed. 

A subscription to our intelligence data feed allows companies of all sizes to have access to post-incident reports, predictive analysis and expert evaluation - which an algorithm alone cannot provide. 


“Intelligence Fusion data brings our system to a new level of completeness.” - Lloyd Whittaker (Analyst and Commercial Officer - Track24)

Other Services

Intelligence Data Feed Icon

Intelligence Data Feed

Integrate our threat intelligence data feed into your own software or platform via our simple API.

Outsourced Intelligence Support Icon

Outsourced Intelligence Support

Threat intelligence and situational awareness consultancy provided by a team of expert analysts.

Bespoke Intelligence System Icon

Bespoke Intelligence System

Build your own bespoke intelligence platform with the data and technical support provided by us.


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