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The AUKUS agreement explained: What impact has it had?

The latest episode of The Roundtable podcast explores the AUKUS agreement, how it aims to counter China, and what the fallout of the agreement has been.

In September 2021, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America signed an agreement aimed at strengthening military capabilities in the Pacific region, quickly becoming known as the AUKUS agreement. The immediate headlines resulting from this agreement were focussed on the announcement that the UK would be providing nuclear submarines to Australia – much to the consternation of France – but the pact is about much more than just submarines.

In this second episode of The Roundtable, Senior Regional Analyst for Asia, Max Taylor, is joined by former Australian Intelligence Corps and current Senior Regional Analyst for Europe at Intelligence Fusion Matt Pratten, and Regional Analyst Alex Smith, to unpack the AUKUS agreement – explaining what we know about it so far, the motivating factors that may have led to it, how countries such as China may respond, and how much substance there is to the pact.

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