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Open-Source Intelligence Training

Discover, evaluate and understand threats of every kind with an OSINT training course designed around military principles and real-life experiences.


Not only will you learn how to find and gather intelligence from open-sources, our OSINT training programme will teach you how to use it to be a better analyst.

Built using military intelligence processes and principles, the structure of the OSINT training encourages a new way of thinking, pushing you to adapt alternative mindsets and ultimately strengthen your ability to understand threats and their impact.

The intelligence training consists of a diverse range of modules, all built using real-life experiences, case studies and examples from our intelligence teams’ previous careers spanning multiple countries and sectors. These useful hooks of knowledge and tangible scenarios help you to absorb and retain information.

We use our open-source intelligence training internally too; our entire workforce has completed the course, ensuring consistency and maintaining high standards across our intelligence reporting.

Undertaken by students across the globe, we can guarantee a clear and concise online course that can be scheduled at a time most convenient for you.

The modules:

  • Open-Source Intelligence Collection
  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Conducting Analysis and Assessment
  • Imagery Intelligence and Geolocation
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
  • Intelligence Reporting

We also have premium modules, which can be added onto your OSINT training for an additional cost:

  • Human Intelligence
  • Information Operations

At the end of the training programme, you’ll receive a copy of our training materials as well as certificate of completion.

Our open-source intelligence training can be tailored to meet bespoke requests. We also have the capacity to conduct face to face training, across the globe, should this be required.

If you’d like further insight into what our training programme, download a selection of slides from the course below:

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