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Philip Buckingham

Content Marketing Executive

Philip joined the marketing team here at Intelligence Fusion in February 2021, where he now uses his experience in the journalism and marketing industries to assist in the creation and delivery of engaging, helpful content to a wider audience.

With a varied background that includes a history degree, NCTJ professional journalism qualifications, and two years of journalistic work experience, Philip transitioned to working in marketing in early 2017, spending nearly four years working for a marketing agency in Cumbria before joining Intelligence Fusion.

Whether it’s managing our social media output, creating free-to-access informative blogs and reports in liaison with our expert team of analysts, or providing updates on the latest incidents beyond the headlines, he’ll be using this experience to help convey the many ways in which our threat intelligence solutions benefit the global security industry, and to provide valuable content that people in the industry want to know about.

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