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Gathering Threat Intelligence and How to Use It

Intelligence is the process of gathering raw data and transforming it into useful information. Data cannot be labelled as intelligent unless it has been given a layer of context or undergone analysis in order to define it to the requirements of the end user. 

Intelligence Fusion provides an industry leading solution to situational awareness that aims to help security professionals and global businesses manage risk and security issues by collecting, analysing and disseminating intelligence on a mass scale. We deliver real time threat intelligence, at speed, to clients through a direct platform subscription or an intelligence data feed that is integrated into your own software or platform via our simple API.

Our process of threat intelligence gathering enables us to map risk against legacy data points by deploying on-the-ground experience of situational threat awareness, coupled with insightful and experienced human analysis that provides global intelligence at a greater speed, breadth, depth and accuracy.

This process is based on a threat intelligence cycle that converts information into actionable intelligence;

1. Direction

Your business requirements are identified allowing us to cut through the noise and filter alerts so that you only see those which you need to be aware of. We monitor and report on all incidents across land, sea and air; anything across the world which may have an impact on your people or business activities.

Tailoring our support to a clients needs is core to the Intelligence Fusion proposition. We work on the foundation that delivering time sensitive material that is useful, practical and accurate can only be achieved by first understanding the unique requirements of your business.

2. Collection

Data tracks our every move as individuals in society, creating almost incomprehensible levels of raw information on a per-second basis. And with major advances in technology, we have access to more digital data than ever before.

We collect information from a spectrum of sources, including the world wide web, news, social media and our constantly expanding global human network. Acting on the critical, whilst ignoring the irrelevant is fundamental to our bespoke analysis approach.

Intelligence Fusion has the resource and expertise to accurately report on incidents of every kind on a global scale. From post-incident analysis of high profile terror attacks like the Manchester Arena bombing to monitoring the increase in criminality in countries such as Sweden and a comprehensive library of resources and reports designed to bring an intelligent lens to all live data.

3. Processing

Our experienced intelligence analysts will then sift through the data, identifying the relevant information to be processed into intelligence through collation, evaluation, analysis, integration and finally interpretation.

The human element of our threat intelligence services is crucial to the integrity of our data feed. Without the insightful and in-depth context that our analysts provide, our data is neither intelligent nor useful.

We currently process almost 10,000 incidents every month, amongst which you can expect to find reporting on incidents such as;

  • Conflict
  • Terrorism
  • Hazards
  • Diseases
  • Piracy
  • Demonstrations
  • Maritime issues
  • Threats to aviation
  • Criminality
  • Non-traditional threats and many more

4. Dissemination

Our intelligence is then disseminated quickly and appropriately to our users via our cross-platform software and intelligence data feed. The right information at the wrong time is as potentially damaging as the wrong information at the right time; our aim is to provide the end user with relevant, accurate and actionable data to ensure they can make fast and informed decisions in response to threats.

Once distributed, the intelligence remains on our platform or in your data feed to access at any time. Intelligence Fusion currently has over 150,000 historical incidents and past trend reports from across the globe. Clients can use the data set for reference and analysis, to help users to make informed decisions regarding the environments in which they operate as well as anticipate and prepare for likely scenarios.

The Intelligence Fusion software is designed by analysts with years of real world experience of intelligence operations, creating a truly groundbreaking solution for security and risk management professionals around the world.

This threat intelligence gathering process was designed and built based on Intelligence Fusion’s 3 key elements; a highly specific algorithm teamed with in-depth crowdsourcing and human analysis which, fused together, guarantees that our intelligence is entirely accurate, with multiple layers of validation. The depth and breadth of our intelligence data feed is unlike any other threat intelligence solution on the market currently.

That’s why an Intelligence Fusion data feed is the default choice for organisations of all sizes globally. With threat patterns constantly evolving and security risks increasing, we believe that our consistent and unique approach to gathering threat intelligence is the only way to bring our clients the assurance that they expect and need.

To find out more about Intelligence Fusion’s data feed and why we’re the market leading provider, download our FREE Guide to Intelligence Data Feeds today.



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