Intelligence Data Feed

An Intelligence Fusion data feed can be integrated seamlessly using our simple API, providing you with accurate global intelligence at an unwavering speed.

Integrate Intelligence Fusion’s historical and current data into your own software, app or platform via our simple Application Programming Interface (API). 

Using an expert blend of human analysts, algorithms and crowdsourcing, Intelligence Fusion gathers raw data about emerging security threats, analysing and filtering the intelligence directly to our clients through our first class data feed. Our in-depth reporting, delivered at speed, provides individuals and organisations alike with actionable data regarding incidents and potential risks. 



A highly specific algorithm provides the basis upon which all available data sources are interrogated. 


Social media platforms provide some of the most timely reports on security incidents around the globe, and an automated system based on the preset algorithm can instantly highlight those that require additional exploration. 


By adding human input to the process the vital component of context is available, something that is distinctly lacking in autonomous intelligence data feeds.


The sheer volume of data we collect, the global coverage we provide and the depth of the information we disseminate allows organisations of all sizes to quickly detect and respond to relevant incidents in order to mitigate threats and protect their people and assets. And by combining our historical data points and live incident feed, the intelligence data allows for accurate analysis and horizon scanning to help increase resilience and reduce future risk.


Incidents Collected

Incident Icon 12,500

Incidents collected per month and growing.

Different Nationalities

Flag Icon 17

Our team is made up of 17 different nationalities.

Management Experience

Management Icon 30

Management has 30 years experience of intelligence and risk.

Historical Data

History Icon 400,000

Historical incidents to examine.


“Intelligence Fusion provides a timely and accurate data set of incidents throughout the world. We're excited to offer this feed to clients via our advanced visualizations and analytics platform.” - Raymond Kenney (Managing Director - Track24)

In the competitive market for intelligence, there is not an abundance of high quality intelligence services who can help organisations save time, money and effort as well as improving their product offer. Because our data feed comes with a commercial license agreement, in addition to using the information internally, clients can use it as an additional revenue stream by selling that data on to their own client base via software, an app or platform. 

An IF data feed is the default choice for organisations globally due to the integrity and accuracy of our intelligence service. With threat patterns constantly evolving and security risks increasing, we believe that consistently delivering a market leading intelligence solution to our clients is the only way to bring the assurance they expect and need.


Other Services

Platform Subscription Icon

Platform Subscription

Access our global threat intelligence feed with a subscription to our easy-to-use platform

Outsourced Intelligence Support Icon

Outsourced Intelligence Support

Threat intelligence and situational awareness consultancy provided by a team of expert analysts.

Bespoke Intelligence System Icon

Bespoke Intelligence System

Build your own bespoke intelligence platform with the data and technical support provided by us.


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