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Threat intelligence software designed by you

Stop changing the way you work to fit around the limitations of your intelligence solution.


Design a single threat intelligence software that meets every need, and solves every problem.

No longer is it necessary for you to invest in multiple pieces of software that collectively might provide you with extensive capability, but don’t make your life any easier.

It’s unlikely that all of your systems talk to each other, meaning that you often find yourself duplicating work to keep them all up to date. Working across multiple different platforms can also slow you down and simple tasks can sometimes take a little longer than they should.

You’re potentially managing a large team too, or liaising with your counterparts in other corners of the world, and each person has likely created their own workarounds to adapt and make the software work more efficiently for them. This can mean that sometimes corners are being cut, resulting in a lack of consistency across the team.

But when speed, constancy and accuracy are crucial to what you do – can you really afford to continue working this way?


Why do I need a custom solution?

Off-the-shelf intelligence solutions are built to cater for the wide-ranging needs of multiple different industries which means that you can often pay for features or tools that you just don’t need. The inability to tailor the software limits your control on how your team operates – you have to adjust your processes to reflect the system’s capability.

As a company founded by intelligence analysts, we understand the frustration this causes.

It’s also why we aim to provide the most tailored threat intelligence solutions in the industry. From the technology we build to the incidents we report, we put you in control of your own solution.



Customised intelligence platforms are the future. Using our years of intelligence experience, in-house development team and constant pursuit for innovation, we're confident we can create the tools our client’s need to manage the ever-changing threat landscape.

Michael McCabe, Chief Executive Officer


How does it work?

We aim to build a centralised threat intelligence solution that streamlines your operations across the globe.

You’ll work with our in-house development team, who have experience of building and managing complex systems for global organisations, to design a threat intelligence software that reflects the way you operate.

We’ll start with a session to understand the systems you currently use, the capability you need and the challenges you face. This provides us with an initial brief that we’ll use to scope out the project.

Our award-winning threat intelligence platform is used as a foundation and the existing library of ready-made features can be tweaked and tailored to better support the way you and your team work. To further customise your solution, we’ll propose a range of new tools and additional capabilities that we’ll design to address specific problems, simplify processes and consolidate your current software suite.

An example of a custom threat intelligence solution for global security teams.

We’ve previously designed and delivered threat intelligence solutions that include:

  • Global risk map based on a unique country risk methodology
  • Document storage system to easily store, manage and share files across the business
  • Integration of alternative data feeds to provide the most comprehensive threat picture possible
  • Threat actor profiles to better understand the activity, ideologies and MO of groups


How can I get started?

Whether this is the threat intelligence solution you’ve been looking for or you’re still to be convinced, we recommend a short call to discuss some of the frustrations you and your team currently face, and if custom software is the right approach for you.

There’s no obligation to move forward, but it’ll provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions and check out our previous projects.

To schedule your call, leave your details and a member of the team will be in touch soon.


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