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Top 30 Most Followed News Accounts on Twitter


Twitter is a great source for breaking news and information, which isn’t surprising when you consider almost 500 million individual tweets are sent every day.

Over 326 million people use Twitter each month and 71% use the platform as their main source of news. We’ve compiled a list of our top 30 must-follow Twitter accounts for breaking news and updates from across the globe.

Statistics accurate as of June 2019.


30. The Telegraph – @telegraph (2.67m followers)


29. CBC News – @cbcnews (2.72m followers)


28. The Independent – @independent (2.78m followers)


27. RT – @rt_com (2.84m followers)


26. Guardian news – @guardiannews (2.88m followers)


25. France 24 English – @france24_en (3.01m followers)


24. France 24 – @france24 (3.18m followers)


23. CNBC – @cnbc (3.19m followers)


22. Newsweek – @newsweek (3.33m followers)


21. Sky News Breaking – @skynewsbreak (3.51m followers)


20. Al Jazeera News – @ajenglish (5.26m followers)


19. Sky News – @skynews (5.03m followers)


18. Financial Times – @financialtimes (6.28m followers)


17. The Guardian – @guardian (7.8m followers)


16. Breaking News – @breakingnews (9.35m followers)


15. The Huffington Post – @huffpost (11.4m followers)

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14. NDTV – @ndtv (11.5m followers)


13. China Xinhua News – @xhnews (12.4m followers)


12. The Associated Press – @ap (13.4m followers)


11. The Washington Post – @washingtonpost (13.8m followers)


10. ABC News – @abc (14.4m followers)


9. Time – @time (16.1m followers)


8. The Wall Street Journal – @wsj (16.7m followers)


7. Reuters Top News – @reuters (20.5m followers)


6. The Economist – @theeconomist (23.8m followers)


5. BBC World – @bbcworld (25.3m followers)


4. BBC Breaking News – @bbcbreaking (40m followers)


3. CNN – @cnn (42.1m followers)


2. The New York Times – @nytimes (43.6m followers)


1. CNN Breaking News – @cnnbrk (55.4m followers)


The Twittersphere is an excellent place to stay in the know when it comes to global affairs. And it’s not just legitimate news agencies and journalists that are the first to break the news. Intelligence Fusion’s analysts are often alerted to a developing incident in its early stages by regular Twitter users who may be a witness to the situation.

But just because it’s on social media, doesn’t always mean it’s true. Fake news is a growing phenomenon and is becoming more and more difficult to identify. Luckily, our team are trained to use various tools and techniques to help verify information from open sources, including various intelligence processes to validate media and reports as well as a standard military method of grading sources by credibility and reliability.

This ensures that all of our data is as accurate as possible and clients can act on the information we send without having to waste their own time and resource fact-checking every alert.

If you’d like to see more from Intelligence Fusion, you can follow us on Twitter too. We have dedicated handles for each region or you can get the whole picture from our main account;















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