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The Growing Need for Threat Intelligence in Business

With threat patterns constantly evolving and business security risks increasing, the success of organisations means being resilient. But as threats become so numerous and varied across the world it’s also becoming more difficult to keep up, let alone knowing what to address and prioritise in order to build such resilience.

Whilst some may not consider themselves to be operating in high-risk or dangerous areas of the world, profound social instability, failure in governance and deepening polarisation between opposing political and cultural views is constituting new threats, in new places. In just the past few years, globally, we have seen events and incidents unfold that would seem so far removed from reality in decades gone by.

This is why the need for high-quality threat intelligence in business is growing rapidly. To keep abreast of the many dangers and risks that our international security landscape now presents, a constant stream of data and information can be the lifeline that keeps businesses, their people and their assets safe.

What is threat intelligence?

Threat intelligence allows organisations to access a more complete view of the world and the locations in which they operate. Accurate situational awareness can help organisations anticipate and prepare for any disruptions to business; maintaining day to day operations in challenging or uncertain circumstances.

High-quality threat intelligence can also help you fulfil your obligation as an employer when it comes to Duty of Care; businesses of all sizes can better protect their people through early detection and quick responses to relevant incidents.

Such reactions however, are dependant on the threat intelligence platform or intelligence data feed that informs your business security. The integrity of the threat intelligence, and the speed in which the incident alerts are delivered, is instrumental to decision makers, particularly when managing real-time emergency situations.

What makes an effective threat intelligence data feed?

Many threat intelligence services are reliant on one source, mostly an algorithm, to identify threats and alert clients of every incident that they discover. Whilst this might give you speed, so much data can be overwhelming. Sifting through vast amounts of irrelevant or false data can waste precious time and money.

Organisations with a requirement for threat intelligence need to be able to trust that the data they are receiving is accurate, as well as timely and relevant to their business or the locations in which they operate. Being able to filter incidents so that they only see those which they need to be aware of allows decision makers to cut through the noise and identify critical information more efficiently.

Why Intelligence Fusion?

Intelligence Fusion’s data feed is expertly designed to fulfil this pivotal role, by fusing together the 3 key elements of data gathering to create one overarching process, we do not simply alert organisations of the incidents and threats in specific locations, we analyse and contextualise the data in order to help businesses make more informed decisions, faster.

We offer an unrivalled solution to situational awareness by using a unique blend of human analysts, algorithms and crowdsourcing. Intelligence Fusion gathers raw data about emerging security threats, analysing and filtering the intelligence directly to our clients through our first class data feed. Our in-depth reporting, delivered at speed, provides individuals and organisations alike with actionable data regarding incidents and potential risks.

For more information on data feeds and why your business needs one, download our FREE Guide to Intelligence Data Feeds now.




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