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Enhance your mining security

Intelligence Fusion works with mining corporations across the globe to protect their assets, people and reputation through 24/7 threat intelligence monitoring.


We offer highly visual threat data to transform your situational awareness. Allowing you to protect against:

  • Physical security threats
  • Geopolitical and ESG risks
  • Natural hazards and extreme weather
  • Protests and civil unrest
  • Upstream and downstream threats

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Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

Safeguard your mining operations with Intelligence Fusion

Verified, actionable threat intelligence presented in an easy-to-use, highly visual platform giving you real-time alerts, global threat monitoring, and historical data analysis to empower you and your team.

I’d been following Intelligence Fusion’s posts on social media, your reporting on different incidents as well as some in-depth analysis on various issues that you shared. I found the reports that Intelligence Fusion provided were compelling and well written.

- Gyozo Bara, Security and HUMINT Specialist, Guinea Alumina Corporation

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