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Mining’s ESG Risks: What Should You Be Tracking and Why?

What are ESG risks, and why are they now one of the biggest threats to the mining industry today?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are increasingly becoming one of the biggest risks to mining companies and their operations, and are now consistently identified as one of the most pressing concerns for industrial miners.

Failure to properly account for ESG risks can mean mining operations might face regular protests, closure of or failure to set up operations, and even lose the viability or control of their mining projects. Having robust ESG measures in place is also an increasingly crucial consideration for securing investment.

This report will identify 5 key risks to the mining industry and the impact they can have on mining operations if not properly addressed.

Risks discussed include:

  1. Local community concerns
  2. Climate change activism
  3. Poverty and inequality
  4. Political instability and corruption
  5. Resource nationalism

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