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Ryan Howell

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan is a senior software engineer with extensive experience in the software as a service industry, specializing in big data and real-time systems. He joined the team in March 2023, and has since been instrumental in the development of new features within the Intelligence Fusion platform.

Ryan’s journey in software engineering began with self-taught web development at age 9, which led to freelancing then eventually agency work. During college he joined a company to work on a platform for risk management, supply chain management and site surveyance, before later attending Bournemouth University to fill-in any gaps in his knowledge and to learn more about the theory and business aspects of software engineering.

Before joining Intelligence Fusion, Ryan worked on a software platform for the transport industry, handling vast datasets of scheduled journeys and real-time feeds for vehicle locations, departures, and cancellations across the UK. His unique expertise lies in managing large scale systems, which he has leveraged to maintain multiple backend microservices and increasingly contribute to front-end development at Intelligence Fusion. Ryan is passionate about architecting and implementing innovative features to drive excellence in the risk management and intelligence industries.

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