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James Sunley

DevSecOps Engineer

James supports the development teams from a product security perspective to ensure that the application is built and functions in a secure manner to follow relevant security and compliance standards.

James started his career as a Software Engineer at Sage after graduating with a BSc in Computer Science in 2018. While studying he completed a placement year and his first insight into the world of Cyber Security at GCHQ. After spending 3 years as a Software Engineer and Lead Security Champion at Sage he transitioned to Cloud Security and moved on to Deltek to continue his journey in the FinTech industry before moving on to Product Security at PokerStars where James helped to roll out a full Secure Software Development Programme from scratch.

Finally joining the company in September 2023, James brings hands on experience in developing software as well as making it secure. His various roles in development and security has built a wealth of knowledge for how best to protect against cyber threats to help protect the application and customer data.

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