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Andrea Pezzati

Threat intelligence analyst role

Regional Intelligence Analyst

Andrea joined Intelligence Fusion as Regional Analyst in February 2024.

Andrea completed a Master of Letters in Strategic Studies at the University of St Andrews and a two-year Master in International Relations at the University of Bologna. His main interests include the geopolitics of small states, military strategy, and the international relations of Southeast Asia.

Andrea is also an experienced researcher. He has been working at the University of St Andrews as Research Assistant, focusing on the Russia-Ukraine War and pre-invasion military assessments of Russian Armed Forces. He often collaborates with several online magazines and his analyses have been published in, among others,  Il Caffè Geopolitico, Geopolitica.info, The Student Strategy & Security Journal, and The Diplomat. Andrea employs the valuable knowledge and insights gained during his professional and academic years in his role at Intelligence Fusion.

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