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Joe Sweeny

VP of Engineering

VP of Engineering Joe is responsible for leading the technology arm of Intelligence Fusion, overseeing the scoping, planning and delivery of improvements to our threat intelligence platform and API solutions.

Joe joined the company in March 2020 in a supporting role as a Senior Software Engineer, where he helped us to continually improve our threat intelligence software. 18 months later, he had been promoted to Chief Technology Officer, in November 2021 – a testament to his talent and hard work at Intelligence Fusion.

Since the acquisition by Sigma7 and moving to the position of VP of Engineering, Joe acts as the link between business requirements required by stakeholders, and implementation by our engineers – this means guiding and delivering the new features, enhanced capabilities and improved existing performance in our software solutions that our current and prospective clients really want, as well as building and training our team of talented engineers at Intelligence Fusion. He is also responsible for taking the lead on any bespoke threat intelligence software solutions that we can build out.

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