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How open-source intelligence can shape your physical security

Across the world, threats are constantly evolving and business security risks are increasing. Your physical security strategy needs to be dynamic and fluid in order to identify, manage and respond to such a complex threat landscape.

Open-source intelligence is a key component that can empower your team and support multiple different security functions by providing a more clear understanding of the current threat landscape.

In this guide, we’ll answer questions including:

  1. What is open-source intelligence?
  2. Why is OSINT important for physical security?
  3. What are the benefits of open-source intelligence for physical security?
  4. How does open-source data become open-source intelligence?
  5. How do you gather open-source intelligence?
  6. How does Intelligence Fusion use open-source intelligence?


And by understanding the role of OSINT in physical security, you can:

  • Gain a deeper insight into the threat landscape
  • Act faster to better protect your people and assets
  • Better understand the impact of what’s happening
  • More efficiently allocate your resources and increase productivity
  • Streamline your operations and simplify processes
  • Be able to quickly adapt to change


Find out how leveraging open-source intelligence can transform your physical security strategy.

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