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How to develop an effective community engagement strategy in the mining industry

Mining operations have the potential to deeply impact the environment and surrounding communities in many ways.

A lack of engagement and transparency with the community you’re impacting can create conflict and can also be the trigger that escalates already existing issues into violence.

When this kind of conflict exists between the company and the local community, the potential for unrest also breeds operational risk. You could be threatening your critical infrastructure and property as well as the health and safety of your workforce and could cause operation stoppage – often impacting the bottom line and share price.

An effective community engagement strategy can be the key to a secure operating environment and minimal disruption. Our free guide covers:

  • What is community engagement?
  • Why is it important to the mining sector?
  • What can happen without effective community engagement?
  • How do I develop a community engagement strategy?
  • What do I need to consider long-term?

Is this guide for me?

Companies working in the mining industry are under increasing pressure to be more socially responsible, and community engagement is essential for gaining a social license to operate in all areas of the world.

This guide provides a practical outline for building relationships with local communities and the processes and tools required to be successful. Businesses within the mining and metals industry, who operate in high-growth, potentially non-permissive environments, will find this guide particularly useful.

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