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On-demand webinar: What are corporate security professionals expecting in 2024?

Sigma 7 portfolio companies discuss our analysts predictions for the year ahead, focusing on Ukrainian tactics and Russian strategy, the conflict in the Middle East and what impact it is having both locally and further afield, as well as the predicted impact of elections throughout 2024.

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Michael McCabe, MD at Intelligence Fusion, Colin Brown, MD at RSM and Peter Sharwood-Smith, Director of Resilience at RSM, have an open and insightful discussion about key dynamics affecting the threat environment in 2024 and how companies see adaptations to their resilience programs in response to these risk scenarios.

In this session, our panel discuss these questions and more:

  • What does 2024 pose for the escalation of Ukrainian tactics, and what might the Russian strategy be for the forthcoming year?
  • Given the increasing scope of conflict in the Middle East, what might we expect of the Houthis and the implications for the international community?
  • How might elections across the globe impact an organisation's security and risk strategy?

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