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The only threat intelligence platform designed by intelligence analysts

Get clarity and context to better understand what’s really happening and why it matters

By combining new technology with a military intelligence trained analyst team and an industry-leading crowdsourced network, we provide you with reliable, credible and consistent data when it matters most.


  • Gain a deeper insight into the threat landscape
  • Act faster to better protect your people and assets
  • Better understand the impact of what’s happening
  • More efficiently allocate your resources and increase productivity
  • Streamline your operations and simplify processes
  • Be able to quickly adapt to change


Access live and in-depth incident profiles of over 15,000 security threats every single month to support incident response efforts and mitigate disruption to your operations. Plus, strengthen your strategic decision making with over 700,000 historical incidents to better prepare for future threats.

We built what we needed

Empower your team to more effectively monitor and rapidly respond to global crises with the only intelligence platform built by security analysts.

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