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Fuel shortages and the global food crisis of 2022

What are the impacts of food shortages and fuel prices on governments around the world?

In this episode of The Roundtable, our intelligence analysts – who specialise in the security situations of Asia, Africa and the Americas – take a closer look at their regions to understand which countries could be most heavily affected by the fuel shortages and growing food crisis across the world. 

With all corners of the globe set to be hit by dual food and fuel crises, we select a handful of countries to act as case studies for the varying impacts the 2022 crisis might have.

Throughout the episode, the team explore how different nations and their governments will respond to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the consequent soaring prices of food and fuel, particularly in areas of existing instability, economic hardship and conflict.

With inflation and shortages sparking fuel protests and the hit to the global food supply chain causing food insecurity and potential bread riots, the analysts discuss the possible impact of food privation and the cost of fuel in Northern and Sub Saharan African countries, Central Asia and the Middle East, as well as countries in South America.

Answering questions such as which countries in these regions might be particularly hard hit by these crises and what the short and long term consequences might be, our analysts look at potential food shortages in Lebanon or the Horn of Africa, the knock-on effect of Russian grain export bans on Kazakhstan’s own grain exports, fuel protests and politics in Peru and Ecuador – and also raise other questions such as:

  • Can previous uprisings such as the Arab Spring help us better anticipate unrest in 2022?
  • Can we expect a return to hardline politics in response to the food and fuel crises?
  • What are world leaders doing to combat this issue?

Join Max Taylor, Viraj Pattni and Aaron Arends for an insightful discussion in Intelligence Fusion’s latest podcast episode.

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