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Weekly Intelligence Report: Monitoring in Europe

London, United Kingdom: Click on above image to expand.
United Kingdom
On 15 May police were deployed to break up a confrontation between opposing Jewish Hassidic groups on Clapham Common. The groups were opposed to the visit to London of Belz Sect Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach.
During the reporting period, UK police conducted an operation on 17 May arresting four young men in east London on suspicion of plotting terrorist acts in the UK. The arrests came as a part of an ongoing investigation by the Metropolitan Police and MI5 intelligence agency. The men, aged between 18 and 27, were arrested at their homes in east London on suspicion of âthe commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism,â the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. Following the arrests, law enforcement officers searched five residential addresses and one business address in east London as part of the investigation.

Paris, France: Click on above image to expand.
During the reporting period French police on 11 May conducted a routine anti- terrorist training exercise in La Verriere, south west of central Paris. Anti terrorism officers also made one arrest of a man allegedly connected with the Champs- Elysees attack in Seine-et-Marne on 15 May. Three other suspects were reportedly arrested across locations in France. On 13 May the nationalist group Génération Identitaire also staged a protest at an auction attempting to raise funds for migrants in Marais. Génération Identitaire describes itself as a “regionalist nativist French and Europeanist activist movement.”

Génération Identitaire

Belgium and Germany: Click on above image to expand.
Belgium and Germany
On 12 May, anti-fascist and left wing extremists staged an anti- Trump protest in Namur, Belgium. An anti Assad demonstration occurred in Cologne on 14 May with protesters demonstrating solidarity with the residents of Raqqa in Syria. German police also found explosive chemicals stored in a garage in Neukirchen-Vluyn. A 24 year old man was arrested suspected of manufacturing components.

Southern Italy: Click on above image to expand.
On 13 May, Identitarian activists in Catania attempted to prevent the ship L’Aquarius belonging to an NGO from setting to sea tasked with picking up and rescuing migrants in international water. The activists were detained by police and the ship allowed to proceed.

L’Aquarius” belonging to the NGO SOS Méditerranée
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