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Weekly Intelligence Report: Monitoring in Europe

During this reporting period the London Bridge attack dominated security events within Europe. Please refer to previous reporting that covers that incident in more granular detail.

Northern England: Click on above image to expand.
Northern England, United Kingdom
Police arrest operations carried on in the wake of the Manchester suicide attack with police finding a vehicle on 2 June related to the suspect involved in the attack. Police carried out raids in Birmingham on 6 June in relation to an incident on Bristol Road in May. Two separate arson attacks on Kosher businesses on 2 June are being investigated as a hate crime by police in Manchester. Drug trafficking arrests were also made by police in North Wales on 6 June and an anti-Fracking demonstration was also held the same day in Blackburn.

London, United Kingdom: Click on above image to expand.
London, United Kingdom
A series of police arrests and raids were carried out over the reporting period in response to the London Bridge attack on 3 June. A man was arrested on 7 June at London Heathrow Airport in connection to the Manchester attack. Two significant hate crimes were reported, the stabbing of a woman on 7 June by three girls allegedly shouting âAllahâ in Wanstead and a man arrested by police threatening Jewish voters with an Iron bar in Stamford Hill on 8 June. The robbery of a Mayfair Casino was also reported on 6 June.

Paris, France: Click on above image to expand.
Paris, France
The most significant incident this reporting period was a terror attack by Notre Dame Cathedral on 6 June which is explained in more detail in a previous report. Anti terror police arrested two previous members of Lagny Mosque over extremist links on 6 June. A political dissident was arrested outside the Iranian Embassy trying to sprinkle petrol on its walls on 4 June. Five men were arrested in northern Paris over a cyber attack on an unnamed bank in the UK on 9 June. Three hotels were also robbed in central Paris on 2 June. A large drug seizure along with a cache of weapons was also uncovered by police in south west Paris on 3 June.

Copenhagen, Denmark Click on above image to expand.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Shooting incidents were reported in Birkerod on 2 June and in Taastrup on 9 June. Denmark has witnessed a spike in shooting incidents in the last months due to turf wars between organised crime gangs. Further details are available to subscribers. Multiple arrests were made at a Copenhagen Street Festival on 2 June and police cleared three Roma camps across central Copenhagen on 6 June after recent problems with local homeless people.

Stockholm, Sweden: Click on above image to expand.
Stockholm, Sweden
An armed robbery was reported in Akella on 2 June and several men were arrested after going on a lawless rampage south of Stockholm on 4 June. The men committed several arson attacks and assaulted police officers before being apprehended after a car chase. Police were forced to shoot and injure two men who attempted to assault officers after a routine vehicle search in Arsta on 5 June. Several arson attacks were reported in the suburbs as well as armed robberies. Full details on each and all incidents are available to subscribers.
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