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Right Wing Group Profiles: United Kingdom

Britain’s far right ideology first appeared in the 1930s with Oswald Mosley forming the British Union of Fascists in 1932. The group was banned during World War II. In 1954, A. K. Chesterton formed the League of Empire Loyalists, a far-right pressure group that opposed the dissolution of the British Empire. From the League of Empire Loyalists, several splinter groups formed and later joined together to become the British National Party, which is still active today.

The ideology of the British right-wing political groups is pretty much the same; British nationalism, Euroscepticism, anti-immigration, anti â Islam. The tactics to get to their ideal state are also the same; they are contesting various elections in order to be able to influence the political picture of the country, and with an occasional march or a rally they are trying to get their message heard without much violence.
However, there are also more extreme right groups present and functioning in Britain, that seem to have no interest in contesting the elections but are guided by extreme violence and hatred. It seems that most of the extreme right groups are a product of dissatisfied members of right wing political parties who were unhappy with the âlowâ level of extremism and political correctness of those parties, that they decided to form their own groups.
The Home Office reports that arrests of right â wing extremists more than doubled in 2016, with National Action becoming the first extreme-right group to be banned as a terrorist organisation.

What makes British extreme-right groups dangerous is the fact that they are fragmented, not organized in large groups, which makes them hard to track down or predict their actions.

John Tyndall founded the BNP after resigning from the National Front on April 7, 1982. In October, 1999, Nick Griffin was voted the new leader. On July 27, 2015 Adam Walker was elected the new leader. The Electoral Commission de â registered the BNP in January 2016, due to not paying the annual registration fee, but they were re â registered in February 2016.
In 2009, the BNP won 2 seats in the European Parliament, however, in 2014 the party was wiped out in the European elections despite a surge of support for far-right parties across the continent.
IDEOLOGY â From their manifesto and their policies, it is easy to conclude that BNP is a British nationalist, anti â immigration, anti â Islam, Eurosceptic party.
GOALS â In its beginning, the BNP focused more on street rallying and marches as a way of getting their message heard and increasing the number of members. However, with Griffin as the leader, the BNPâs electoral base increased, gaining them 55 councilors in 2009. local elections and 2 seats in the European Parliament.
MOTIVATION â Loss of British identity.
LEADERSHIP â The BNP is formed around a central leader and arranged as a highly hierarchical structure. Currently, Adam Walker is the Chairman and Clive Jefferson Deputy Chairman.
SIZE â 300 â 500.
LOCATIONS â Barnsley, Blackpool, Burnley, Barking and Dagenham, Bexleyheath, Croydon, London, Leeds, Manchester, Poole, Rotherham, Salford, Stoke.
ALLIANCES â Franceâs National Front, Germanyâs National Democratic Party, Swedenâs National Democrats, Hungaryâs Jobbik.
TACTICS â Campaigns ( some of their campaigns are: âNo More Mosquesâ, âBan the Burqaâ, âArticle 50 Nowâ, âStop All Immigrationâ), rallies, marches, political elections.
FUNDING â Memberships, fundraising, exclusive dining club (Trafalgar Club), Identity magazine subscriptions, donations.
OPPOSITION â Hope not Hate, Searchlight Magazine, Unite Against Fascism.
WEBSITE â https://bnp.org.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBritishNationalPartyTwitter: https://twitter.com/bnpYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bnptv

Britain First was formed in 2011 by Jim Dowson who was a former member of the BNP. Dowson left Britain First in July 2014. Current Chairman is Paul Golding, another former member of the BNP. However, Jayda Fransen is BFâs acting leader due to Goldingâs six-month leave from the party. On August 19 2016, Golding and Fransen were banned from mosques in England and Wales for the period of three years. They were also banned from entering an exclusion zone in Bury Park in Luton and an exclusion zone in the town centre.
IDEOLOGY â British nationalism, Euroscepticism, Christian fundamentalism, anti â Islam, anti â immigration.
GOALS â Several members, including Jim Dowson, expressed the wish for a religious war in the UK. Britain First contested elections for the House of Commons, the EU Parliament and London mayoralty, but with no success.
MOTIVATION â Maintenance of British national sovereignty. Opposing colonisation through immigration, maintaining and strengthening Christianity, creating a revitalized national economy.
LEADERSHIP â Paul Golding is the Chairman with Jayda Fransen as acting leader.
GROUP SIZE â 800 â 1000.
ALLIANCES: English Democrats, Jacek Miedlar (right wing extremist from Poland).
TACTICS â âChristian Patrolsâ outside Londonâs mosques, invasion of mosques in Bradford, Glasgow, Luton and East London, protest rallies.
FUNDING â Memberships, donations, merchandise.
TARGETS â Mosques, Muslims.
OPPOSITION â Exposing Britain First (Facebook page), Hope not Hate.
WEBSITE â http://www.britainfirst.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBritainFirst/Twitter: https://twitter.com/britainfirstYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtEsYNHwF37lrd9IH7Tv-uA

National Action was formed in 2013 by several ex â members of Young British National Party. The group was proscribed as a terrorist organisation under the Terrorism Act 2000 and banned as of December 16, 2016.
IDEOLOGY â Neo â Nazism, British nationalism, Fascism, Anti â Semitism, Homophobia.
GOALS â An all-white Britain, without Jews, immigrants and homosexuals. National Action is a radical group with no intention of changing things politically but with extremist action and violence.
MOTIVATION â Hate towards different religious and racial groups.
LEADERSHIP â Ben Raymond, Alex Davies, Ashley Bell, Mark James (AKA Mark Jones), Garron Helm, Jack Renshaw, Kevin Layzell.
GROUP SIZE â 60-100.
LOCATIONS â Manchester, Liverpool, Battersea, Dorchester, London.
ALLIANCES â NOP (National Rebirth of Poland), American Nazi website The Daily Stormer, North West Infidels, South East Alliance.
TACTICS â Marches (White Man March in Liverpool), rallies, protests (protest at the statue of Nelson Mandela), social media abuse (Garron Helm sent offensive Twitter messages to MP Luciana Berger), promotion of their materials on university campuses, racial attacks (Zach Davies found guilty of attempted murder of Dr Sarandev Bhambra).
TARGETS â Jews, left groups, immigrants, homosexuals.
OPPOSITION â Anti â Fascist Network, Hope not Hate.


National Front is an extreme far â right, neo â fascist political group that was founded by A. K. Chesterton on February 7, 1967. Its headquarters are in Kingston upon Hull and their current leader is David MacDonald. Only whites are permitted to be the members of the party.
IDEOLOGY â Neo â fascism, British nationalism, anti â immigration. NF opposes other races and finds that only white British people should be citizens of the UK. They are against the EU, liberal democracy, feminism and LGBT rights.
GOALS â End of non â white immigration to the UK and deportation of settled non â white citizens.
LEADERSHIP â David MacDonald (chairman), Tony Martin (Deputy Chairman), Nick Walsh (Treasurer).
LOCATIONS â London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Sandwell and Dudley, Hull, Aberdeen, Oldham.
ALLIANCES â National Action, Infidels, English Defence League.
TACTICS â Marches, contesting the elections.
FUNDING â Memberships, donations, publication subscription, merchandise.
OPPOSITION â Antifa, Hope not Hate, Anti â Fascist Network.
WEBSITE â http://www.nationalfront.info/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NFMAINPAGE/?fref=nfTwitter: https://twitter.com/nationalfronttvYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NationalFronts

English Defence League is a far â right protest group established on June 27, 2009. It originated from a football supporters group âUnited Peoples of Lutonâ formed as a response to Al â Muhajiroun demonstration against the war in Afghanistan in Luton. EDLâs original leader was Stephen Yaxley Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, who left the group on October 23, 2013. EDL is a part of the Counter â Jihad movement.
IDEOLOGY â Anti â Islam, anti â Sharia Law.
GOALS â The main focus of the group is to stop the spreading of Islam into the UK.
MOTIVATION â Opposing the Islamisation of the UK and respecting English tradition.
LEADERSHIP â Tim Ablitt (Chairman), Chris Renton, Alan Spence.
GROUP SIZE â 300-500.
LOCATIONS â Luton, Birmingham, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Bolton, Dudley, Leicester, Cardiff, Swansea, Portsmouth, Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Dewsbury.
ALLIANCES â British Freedom Party, Canadian Jewish Defense League, The Norwegian Defence League, Casuals United.
OPPOSITION â United Against Fascism, Hope not Hate, Antifa.

Liberty GB is a far â right political party registered on March 5, 2013 by Paul Weston, an ex UKIP member, and George Whale.
They promote themselves as a patriotic Counter â Jihad party who stand for Christian values, western rights and freedoms.
IDEOLOGY â Anti â Muslim, British nationalist, radical patriotic conservatives.
GOALS â The British peopleâs ownership of Britain, indigenous British in perpetual majority, principal of national preference, primacy of national culture, Christian ethics and morality, upholding Western civilisation (taken from their website).
MOTIVATION â Fear of Islamisation of Britain.
LEADERSHIP â Paul Weston (Chairman), Jack Buckby (Press Officer), George Whale (Treasurer), Theo Wallingford (Science Officer), IQ al Rasooli (Special Advisor on Islam), Tim Burton (Radio Officer).
FUNDING â Memberships, donations.
WEBSITE â http://www.libertygb.org.uk/
Facebook â http://www.libertygb.org.uk/https://www.facebook.com/LibertyGBPartyTwitter â https://twitter.com/liberty_gb

Combat 18 is a violent neo â Nazi group formed in 1992 by Charlie Sargent and Harold Covington. The number 18 in the name stands for 1st and 8th letter of alphabet making it an abbreviation of Adolf Hitlerâs name. Combat 18 is a part of the Blood and Honour organisation. Blood and Honour is a neo â Nazi group founded in 1987 by Ian Stuart Donaldson and Nicky Crane in the UK. It is a music promotion network that organises concerts of white power bands. The group is present worldwide and is considered to be a mother group of Combat 18. Blood and Honour have been banned in Germany, Spain and Russia.
Racial Volunteer Force is a Combat 18 splinter group founded in 2002 by Mark Atkinson and John Hill. They are in close connection to Combat 18. There are 80-100 members of this splinter group, 5 of whom have been found guilty of stockpiling weapons and conspiracy to stir up racial hatred.
IDEOLOGY â Neo â Nazism, Anti â Semitism, White Supremacy, Homophobia, anti â immigration.
GOALS â Neo â Nazi Revolution.
KEY PEOPLE â Charlie Sargent, Harold Covington, Del OâConnor, David Myatt.
LOCATIONS â United Kingdom, USA, Germany (banned in 2000.), Belgium, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Greece.
ALLIANCES â Blood and Honour, the White Wolves, Racial Volunteer Force.
FUNDING â ISD Records music business (promotion of white power bands).

IDEOLOGY â Neo â Nazi, anti â Islam, anti â communism, anti â Irish Republicanism, anti â paedophilia and the left (taken from their Twitter account).
GOALS â Far right revolution.
TACTICS â Violence against migrants, marches, demonstrations.
MOTIVATION â Changing demographics in Britain, immigration of Muslim population and immigration in general.
LEADERSHIP â North West Infidels are led by Shane Calvert.
GROUP SIZE â Around 150.
LOCATIONS â North East, South Wales, South East, Coventry.
ALLIANCES â National Front, Combat 18.
TARGETS â Immigrants, left â wing opponents, trade unionists,anti-UKIP campaigners.
OPPOSITION â Hope not Hate, Liverpool Anti â Fascist, Antifa.
WEBSITE â https://northwestinfidels.wordpress.com/
Twitter â https://twitter.com/infidels_nwYouTube â https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXlDmMhF9Y_gQI0d67L1Akg?app=desktopFacebook â https://www.facebook.com/1SWI16/

British Democratic Party was founded on February 9, 2013. in Loughborough by former members of UKIP, BNP, Democratic Nationalists and Freedom Party.
IDEOLOGY â Anti â immigrant, Eurosceptic, British nationalism
GOALS â End of immigration, leaving the EU, maintaining the unity of UK
MOTIVATION â Loss of British identity
LEADERSHIP â Andrew Brons (Chairman), Kevan Stafford
WEBSITE â http://www.britishdemocrats.org.uk/
Facebook â https://www.facebook.com/British-Democratic-Party-460694123975727/
Report written by Antonija Podrug
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