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Get regular intelligence updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

What's happening in Ukraine?

Unfortunately, our regular reports covering the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict have now come to an end. 

Our aim was to provide clarity in the face of an uncertain and fast-changing conflict. We hope that we’ve highlighted the most significant developments amidst so much noise and, most importantly, helped you to understand the impact of these events on businesses, international relations and the global economy.

Thank you to those of you who engaged with our reports over the last six weeks.

If you’d like to continue to receive the weekly updates or would like to chat about the other ways in which we can support you and your organisation as the war continues, get in touch here or schedule a call with the team.



Where else can I find updates regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict?

Over on the Intelligence Fusion blog, we’re helping readers understand the historical context of the Russia-Ukraine conflicts well as providing a detailed timeline of events, documenting the latest developments and our short-term assessment of what to expect in Ukraine and beyond.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for more real-time updates on the conflict, you can head over to our OSINT community where our analysts and community members are sharing live reports and the latest developments.

By becoming a member, you can also share your thoughts and discuss your findings on the war as well as other topics, trends and events.

Our threat intelligence community is a great way to engage with like-minded users from a wide range of backgrounds.

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