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Comparing Threat Intelligence Solutions for Businesses

Real-time threat intelligence is a constant stream of data and information that notifies businesses of threats at speed. The aim of threat intelligence is to give organisations the time, knowledge and resource to respond quickly and minimise damage whilst protecting their people, assets and operations across the globe.

In today’s data-driven world, where we have access to more information than ever before, threat intelligence has quickly became an integral element of business’ security strategy, regardless of their size or stature.

But the different threat intelligence services available can vary considerably. It can often be difficult to determine which is the most valuable for your business or industry, that’s why we’ve designed a detailed infographic that compares the functionality and capabilities of the most common solutions to help businesses fully understand their options:

Comparing Threat Intelligence Solutions for Businesses



Intelligence Fusion offer a range of bespoke threat intelligence solutions for businesses, including an intelligence data feed.

Using an expert blend of human analysts, algorithms and crowdsourcing, Intelligence Fusion gathers raw data about emerging security threats, filtering the intelligence directly to our clients through our first class data feed. Our in-depth reporting, delivered at speed, provides individuals and organisations alike with actionable data regarding incidents and potential risks.

Intelligence Fusion’s data feed is easily integrated into your own software, app or platform via our simple Application Programming Interface (API) giving business instant access to over 150,000 historial incidents and almost 10,000 new pieces of data every single month.

Find out more, download your FREE guide to intelligence data feeds now:

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