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Jade Patel

Senior Intelligence Analyst

Jade is the Senior Regional Analyst for South America at Intelligence Fusion.

Jade joined Intelligence Fusion as a Regional Intelligence Analyst in 2022, and is now the Senior Regional Analyst for South America. Prior to joining Intelligence Fusion, Jade did a 12 months internship with the Counterterrorism Group (CTG), where she worked in, and became the team lead of, the Emergency Management, Health and Hazards team, before being promoted to the Regional Teams Manager. She was also the Communication Coordinator for CTG and was the head of a series of organisational-wide projects.

Prior to the internship, Jade studied a Masters Degree in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis, focusing on the safety, logistics and the management of major events. In this time, she was part of a multidisciplinary team and worked on a series of international projects with leading organisations such as the United Nations.

Alongside this, Jade has wide experience in the security industry and has worked on the ground, and in control rooms at major events and sporting stadiums. She is also an Emergency Response volunteer for the British Red Cross.
Beyond that, Jade has a keen interest in global health outbreaks, and hazards such as adverse weathers and natural disasters, specifically how these can impact supply chain and business development.

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