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Protect Your People

Protect your employees with the leading threat intelligence software.

Whether your employees are jetting across continents or visiting nearby cities, Intelligence Fusion has got them covered. Our comprehensive system combines extensive global coverage with localised insights, ensuring accurate and relevant information at all times.

  • Receive real-time travel risk reports and travel security alerts
  • Stay informed with a tailored news feed featuring emerging and real-time threats
  • Access 24/7 threat intelligence with expert analyst commentary for added context
  • Utilise historical data to make informed decisions and plan ahead
  • Enjoy peace of mind and empower your team to travel confidently

Stay One Step Ahead of Threats

With 24/7 threat intelligence, you’ll have the power to make informed decisions and protect your team wherever they go. All incidents are meticulously verified, ensuring you have reliable information at your fingertips.

Don’t leave your employees’ safety to chance. Invest in Intelligence Fusion and equip your organisation with the tools to mitigate risks, protect your people, and ensure successful journeys.

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Stay Informed and Stay Safe! Get Real-Time Travel Risk Reports and Security Alerts

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