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Welcome to Intelligence Fusion


Firstly, meet your new Customer Success Manager

Rebecca Sutton, Customer Success Manager for the Intelligence Fusion platform

What are the next steps?


It’s important that we schedule a time to go through your Intelligence Collection Plan (ICP) as soon as possible. The sooner we do this, the sooner our operations team can start to collect the incidents that are most important to you.

Whilst our coverage is global, we prioritise our client’s needs first and foremost. So the ICP session will guide our collection efforts and ensure that our team fully understand how your organisation operates, the threats you face and why they’re important.


Once we’ve completed your ICP, we can schedule some platform training sessions too. We’ll take you through the various tools and features available to you as part of your subscription as well as help you set up any customisation. This includes mapping any of your static assets as well as setting up your email alerts.

Your Account Manager will be in touch to organise this with you soon. In the meantime, continue scrolling for some helpful video tutorials to get started or visit our Client Toolkit playlist on our YouTube channel.




What else do I need?

As part of your ICP, we’ll explain in a little more detail how you’ll benefit from 24/7 access to the Intelligence Fusion team. The below forms may come in handy when you need to quickly inform us of changes or updates to the way you work.


For example, if you’ve recently acquired a new asset or facility in a new region, or your business operations have changed to adapt to the ‘new normal’, you may need us to start collecting intelligence in new areas that weren’t part of your original collection plan.

These requests may be temporary or long-term – either way, we’re structured in a way that allows us to quickly and easily react to changing requirements.

Submit your request


This form allows you to quickly and easily inform us of new incidents.

Occasionally, our clients and their teams will witness an incident, identify new intelligence or be able to provide additional context that could be beneficial to all of our platform users.

As a result we’ve created this form to give you a quick and easy way of notifying our analysts of new information or intelligence. Your report will alert the team working in our 24/7 Operations Centre so they can verify and report the incident as a matter of priority.

Share an incident

Who do I contact for platform support?

If you’re having trouble with your account or need some further support, your first point of contact should be your Customer Success Manager. You can reach them via email on rebeccasutton@intelligencefusion.co.uk or call us on +44(0)191 380 4000.

If it’s outside of the typical UK office hours, you can also contact the 24/7 Operations Team at any time using the email address, operations@intelligencefusion.co.uk or by calling +44(0)191 380 4004.

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Customising the platform

Setting up your alerts

Did you know about our intelligence community?


We set up a threat intelligence community as a way to even further evolve our understanding of the global threat intelligence picture by getting support and insight from intelligence professionals and OSINT enthusiasts

By becoming a member, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and discuss your findings with like-minded users from a wide range of backgrounds. You’ll also benefit from additional context and on-the-ground intelligence from our local users, which we’ll use to help build out our incident detail.

Plus, you can interact directly with our expert analyst team, who’ll be dropping in to contribute to the conversation.

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