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The key security threats to gold mining in the Sahel

How threat intelligence can identify and mitigate the risks of operating in one of the most insecure regions in the world

The significant gold reserves found in the central Sahel region have made it an attractive proposition for industrial gold mining companies. However, a severely escalating jihadist insurgency in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger has made the region one of the hotbeds of terrorism in Africa, which, along with severe levels of poverty, weak levels of state authority, and significant political instability, presents a high level of risk to any companies wishing to safely operate in the area.

This report will break down the different security threats to gold mining in the central Sahel, including:

  • Jihadist groups and terrorism in the Sahel
  • Weak states and political instability - including the 2020 Mali coups
  • Illegal and artisanal mining
  • The impact of COVID-19

And how an effective threat intelligence programme can allow you to monitor and minimise these risks.

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