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A Guide to using Threat Intelligence in the Built Space

In this complex and evolving industry, threat intelligence can help companies overcome challenges and predict issues before they occur - Allowing you to protect your people, assets, and reputation.

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If you work within the building industry, threat intelligence can be a valuable asset for you and your team. Whether you work in Facilities Management, Construction, Engineering, Design and Architecture, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Material Supply, Real Estate Development, or you’re a Landlord or Investor – we can support you.

Regardless of the type of building or site you own or work on, threat intelligence can provide enhanced insight to aid with planning, ESG policies, risk mitigation and more.

  • Save time and money
  • Keep your people safe
  • Plan for the worst-case scenario
  • Maintain business as normal

In this report, we discuss:

  • What is threat intelligence?
  • Why is threat intelligence relevant for businesses?
  • How can threat intelligence be beneficial from an ESG perspective?
  • How can threat intelligence can help you achieve business continuity?

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