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A guide to using threat intelligence for life sciences

How to use threat intelligence to better protect the assets and operations of your life sciences company

Companies with operations across the world are currently acting to address the supply chain and security vulnerabilities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, doing so in a global environment of heightened geopolitical tensions, economic downturn and increased protest and criminality. One industry that is potentially more exposed than most is one that helped the world make it through the pandemic – the life sciences industry.

Our guide to threat intelligence for life sciences takes a look at the traditional and emerging threats to the industry, and outlines a practical approach to how you can use threat intelligence for mitigating these risks and proactively protect your people, assets and operations.

Your free resource will cover:

  • The threat of protests and how to track them
  • Tracking infectious diseases
  • Visualising the risks facing your supply chain
  • Tracking geopolitical risks
  • Risk analysis for supply chain reshoring
  • ESG risks
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