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How real is Israel’s threat to strike Iran?

Join CEO Michael McCabe, and Max Taylor, our Senior Regional Analyst, as they discuss the potential for direct military conflict between Israel and Iran.

Friday 15th October 2021

Time: 1600hrs -1700hrs BST


The imminent threat of Iran achieving a nuclear weapon will be a game changer in the region.

With Israel repeatedly on the record that it will not allow Iran to attain nuclear arms, under any circumstances, and insistent in its belief that Tehran is getting ever closer to doing so, there’s growing potential for Israel to take a long-discussed direct strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

But what could such an attack look like?

And how might it impact the wider security landscape?


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What will we discuss?

  • What would an Israeli attack involve
  • How Iran might respond to a successful attack
  • How would it impact the region - and the rest of the world
  • How likely it is that such a strike would take place

Plus, we’ll be continuing the conversation after the event with members of our brand new intelligence community. If you’d like to contribute to the discussion and share your insight on the Israel and Iran conflict, find out how you can get involved here.


Who’ll be hosting? 

Michael McCabe, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Intelligence Fusion in 2015, and after leaving the military in 2009, Michael held a number of intelligence and security related roles, providing his expertise in terrorism, insurgency, and physical security to global commercial clients as well as organisations such as Olive Group and Aegis Defence Services.

Thanks to Michael’s on-the-ground experience in conflict zones and his understanding of threat intelligence in the battlespace, he has a solid understanding of the global security industry’s complex needs.

Max Taylor, Senior Regional Analyst for the Middle East and Asia

With an undergraduate in Military History and a Master’s Degree in Terrorism Studies, Max has a comprehensive understanding of the role of intelligence in modern counter insurgency operations.

Max is currently responsible for our reporting across Central Asia and the Middle East. His in-depth analysis benefits from a strong background of academic research, particularly into the role of NATO forces in Afghanistan and the relationship between politics, strategy and tactics in a complex environment.

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