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Futureproof your intelligence unit with easy-to-use, scalable threat intelligence software

84% of security professionals agree that they could better avoid crises if all members of the team could view threat data on a single platform.*

Most off-the-shelf intelligence solutions are built to cater for the wide-ranging needs of multiple different industries which means that you can often pay for features or tools that you just don’t need.

As a company founded by intelligence analysts, we understand the frustration this causes. It’s also why we put you in control of your own solution.


  • Hand-pick the tools your team actually need
  • Guide our intelligence collection with what’s most important to you
  • Tailor the software to reflect how you operate, not the other way around
  • Streamline your processes and consolidate multiple platforms into a single solution


Build your ideal threat intelligence software that meets every need, and solves every problem.

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