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Enhance your situational awareness with a simple integration of our threat intelligence feed

One of the biggest challenges with threat intelligence is noise.

Too much information can be overwhelming, often leading to important information being missed. Not to mention the abundance of misinformation and fake news that can confuse and complicate the security landscape.

We structure our data in a way that enables extensive filtering options to define granular alerting rules and makes every incident easy to search for  – this ensures that nothing of importance is ever missed whilst removing irrelevant information from your feed.


If you already have the tools to visualise threat data and want to:

  • Gain a more precise understanding of relevant threats and their impact
  • Empower your team to produce more insightful analysis
  • Combine multiple databases to provide maximum threat context
  • Accelerate performance through heightened accuracy

We can provide you with:

  • 15,000+ near-real-time security threats verified every month
  • 700,000+ historical incidents to support strategic decision-making
  • 24/7 global coverage and access to analysts


Better protect your people, assets and reputation with a seamless and cost-effective threat intelligence feed.

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