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Corporate Security Round-Up 2023

2024 is now well underway, but what did we achieve in 2023?

We have reviewed data from the Intelligence Fusion platform and gained insight from our analysts about some of the key incidents they reported last year.

We launched our new feature, Emerging Threats, in October, and we have already forewarned clients of 146 emerging threats that may have an impact on their business, allowing them to take a much more proactive approach.

We added a tailored news section within each actor, country and region profile in April, providing subscribers with real-time news about each subject matter.

We implemented two-factor authentication across our platform in February 2023 to strengthen security, something we are committed to continually reviewing to ensure it is as stringent as possible.

Also, in February, we launched our Knowledge Base to help users get the most out of the Intelligence Fusion platform.

And we have many more updates and new features to launch over the next 12 months.

Our aim is to help Security and Risk Managers work more efficiently and better protect their assets and people.

What are our predictions for 2024?

With 2023 in mind, we asked our expert team of analysts to provide their predictions for 2024. We also asked Security professionals on LinkedIn what they thought 2024 would have in store, and here are the results…

In 2024, further developments and enhancements are being carried out on the Intelligence Fusion platform, including Active Alerts, which will allow notifications about relevant incidents to be sent to multiple channels and recipients.

We will also be launching our embedded AI reporting feature, which will dramatically speed up the number of incidents our analysts can map each day, giving clients more insights and analysis as well as a higher volume of relevant incidents that have or may impact their operations.


To learn more about what Intelligence Fusion can offer you as part of the Sigma7 portfolio of companies, discover key dynamics affecting the threat environment in 2024, and how companies see adaptations to their resilience programs in response to these risk scenarios, watch our on-demand webinar.


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