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The rise of the Albanian Mafia

Transnational organised crime is one of the biggest threats to security in Europe today - and the Albanian mafia is one of the most significant organised crime groups on the continent.

Following our exclusive, eight-part video series on YouTube which uncovered the story of the Albanian Mafia and their rise to power, we’ve released a comprehensive report on the state of Albanian organised crime groups and their impact on global security.

Using open-source reporting and data from the Intelligence Fusion threat intelligence platform, our report provides in-depth analysis and valuable insights on the current state of the Albanian mafia, including:

  • their operations, structure, and methods of operation
  • the threat - both direct and indirect - that security professionals should be aware of
  • the knock-on effects of their activities and how it might contribute to wider insecurity
  • how incidents relating to the Albanian Mafia can have serious impacts on people's businesses and safety

This report is a free sample taken from an extensive intelligence report on the Rise of the Albanian Mafia. The full report will cover: 

  • how they established themselves as key players in drug trafficking across Europe and Latin America
  • interactions with other groups operating in the market
  • the levels of violence caused by their involvement in these trades
  • some of the key trafficking tactics and techniques they employ
  • the future prospects of their drug operations

To get access to the complete publication, contact our team for further information.

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