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Combining threat intelligence and space situational awareness

In 2021, Intelligence Fusion (IF) and Northern Space and Security (NORSS) are to combine their respective situational awareness offerings into a single cross-domain platform.

Intelligence Fusion are market leaders in the provision of tailored threat intelligence data and customised software solutions. Their data is used by multinational corporations, metropolitan police forces, and ministries of defence to better understand the local to global intelligence picture. They’ve also conducted software development for one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, creating a bespoke intelligence platform that completely matches their needs and operational rhythm.

NORSS are the only UK owned and operated Space Situational Awareness (SSA) company, with unprecedented experience in Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) and world leading Orbital Analysis capabilities. Their expertise includes:

  • Observing, tracking and identifying objects in space.
  • Ability to distinguish between different objects such as active payloads, rocket bodies or debris.
  • Sensor operations and characterisation techniques.
  • Advanced orbital analysis.
  • Space policy and law.
  • Satellite launch and licensing.

Both NORSS and IF currently utilise internally developed, proprietary software to perform their primary missions of space situational awareness and analysis, and terrestrial intelligence, respectively.

Through further development of Intelligence Fusion’s software, the cross-domain platform will be able to visualise incidents and data relating to land, sea, air and space. This will give users a single platform that seamlessly links the domains of terrestrial and space based data with expert analysis.

There exists no current cross-domain awareness platform, akin to the project NORSS and IF will carry out, available to the UK Ministry of Defence. The capabilities which do currently exist, which could be placed under a cross-domain awareness banner and are available to the UK Ministry of Defence, are focussed on the battlefield area only, are not a UK capability and don’t include a space domain component.

The space domain is critical to the UK Ministry of Defence and Her Majesty’s Government’s national infrastructure, with an ever-increasing national investment of resources to ensure the UK is at the forefront of evolving space-based capabilities. In recent years, the UK has outlined a goal to capture as much as 10% of the global space market in the future.

Having a capability such as the one NORSS and Intelligence Fusion will develop, will aid the UK in achieving its goals by providing a thorough and timely picture of the space environment to users. The Cross Domain Awareness platform will be available to all branches of the Ministry of Defence and will bring a timely, accurate and efficient method for acquiring the latest intelligence on incidents across ground, maritime and space environments.

To find out more about the cross-domain platform project, speak to a member of the team today.


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