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Threat intelligence company Intelligence Fusion continues expansion with new Intelligence Manager

Award-winning threat intelligence provider Intelligence Fusion has announced that a new Intelligence Manager will take over the running of their operations centre, as the company continues its rapid period of growth.

The newly created role will see Senior Regional Analyst for the Americas, Vincent Fevrier, step up to manage their entire Intelligence team.

This is the latest chapter in a remarkable rise through the ranks of the company for Vincent, who first joined as an intern back in January 2017.

He then progressed to a permanent role as Senior Regional Analyst, evaluating, analysing and mapping incidents in the Americas, as well as writing detailed intelligence reports on issues affecting the region – he’ll now oversee the company’s entire intelligence collection and 24/7 team of analysts.

Vincent said: “I’m really proud to be the first Intelligence Manager here at Intelligence Fusion.

“The strength of our team, and their level of expertise, is what really helps set us apart in the threat intelligence industry, so to be spearheading that is a really exciting opportunity and one I’m really looking forward to starting.”

Vincent’s time at Intelligence Fusion has seen a period of continuous investment and growth for the company, who have seen their ranks grow from just six full-time employees at the start of 2019 to 21 at the start of 2021.

He added: “I’ve seen the company grow from primarily an internship program to the hiring of myself and other senior analysts, to the hiring of junior analysts, moving into permanent offices, and the transition from the first iteration of the platform to Intelligence Fusion 2.0.

“This is the latest step in the evolution of the company and it will be very exciting as we continue to grow.”

Based in Durham in the North East of England, Intelligence Fusion boasts a growing global client list that includes one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, Dutch Ministry of Defence and the Metropolitan Police. 

The company provides clients with real-time alerts and historical data, trends and patterns, on incidents ranging from criminality, terrorism and conflict, to protests, travel disruption and hazards such as illness.

The company’s groundbreaking threat intelligence platform combines cutting edge technology with human led analysis – disrupting the slow-moving security industry with a platform that means clients can easily visualise accurately geo-located, actionable intelligence that can be acted upon swiftly, while filtering out fake news and misleading information.

Michael McCabe, Intelligence Fusion CEO, said:

“This is a brand new role we’ve created to manage the intelligence team, and one that we’ve had to put in place due to this continued period of growth that we’ve experienced.

“Vincent recognised very early on that what you get out of the job is what you decide to put in, and he’s put in an incredible amount of hard work to help us get to where we want to be. 

“It’s thanks to this hard work – that each and every member of the team puts in – that has allowed us to grow so quickly.”

Vincent’s move to the Intelligence Manager role means that regional analyst Aaron Arends has now stepped up to take over from him as Senior Analyst for the Americas, with Megan Broughton joining the team to fill the position Aaron leaves behind.

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