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Scott MacDonald

Lead Analyst

Scott is Lead Analyst here at Intelligence Fusion, bringing knowledge from different areas to ensure that the intel team focuses on what matters to clients.

Scott joined Intelligence Fusion on our internship program early in 2019 before joining the team full-time. Since then, he has worked as a Regional Analyst, undertaken embedded analyst roles, and is now a Senior Regional Analyst in addition to his role of Lead Analyst. Scott maintains a professional interest in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland where he monitors dissident and paramilitary activity.

Scott graduated from the University of Glasgow and holds an M.A. (Hons) in Classics and History and an M.Litt. in War Studies. During his time a student, Scott worked for an online journal and published an interview-based article discussing the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars with Lord Robertson, former Secretary-General of NATO.

This grounding in the theory and practice of war and armed conflict combined with his experience of working across the UK, USA and Australia makes him an extremely well-rounded analyst capable of assessing threats and conflict across the globe. Outside of Intelligence Fusion, Scott has previously worked with police as part of frontline neighbourhood and response teams.

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