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Angeliki Siafaka

Senior Intelligence Analyst

Angeliki is the Senior Regional Analyst for Western Europe here at Intelligence Fusion.

Before joining Intelligence Fusion, Angeliki graduated with a Masters of Research on Global Security from the University of Glasgow, where she wrote a dissertation on female terrorists. She has conducted internships with several organisations mainly in the US, during which she worked on research projects on child terrorists and soldiers, as well as working on creating counter extremism programmes for children in Middle Eastern countries.

Angeliki also interned on intelligence analysis and collection, during which she was trained as an intelligence analyst and focused on the behavioural analysis of terrorists, mass shooters and group leaders, particularly within far-right extremism in Europe and the US.

Since joining Intelligence Fusion in January 2022 as a Regional Analyst, Angeliki has produced reports on protest activity in Europe and the US, on far-right extremism in Europe, and contributed to a video series on Albanian organised crime. She was promoted to a Senior Regional Analyst in April 2023, where she now leads our coverage of Western Europe.

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