Outsourced Intelligence Support

Bespoke intelligence consultancy from experienced analysts, helping organisations make critical business decisions to protect their people, assets and operations worldwide

Doing business globally is becoming more and more complex as the global security situation deteriorates. Businesses have a requirement for better situational awareness in order to protect their people and their assets.

However, the evolution of big data has brought with it information overload. As technology develops, and the variety of global threats increase, many organisations are struggling to keep pace with the quantity of incidents being reported by news and social media.

Intelligence Fusion provide businesses with a bespoke intelligence consultancy service that aims to cut through the noise and support organisations when making solid business decisions in challenging or uncertain circumstances. 

Our strength lies in the extensive experience of our intelligence analysts. Teamed with high-quality data from a spectrum of sources we can answer specific questions about current threats. The Intelligence Fusion team analyse and evaluate the raw data, adding context and insight to produce valuable and actionable reporting. We can also track trends and pinpoint correlations between incidents to predict future behavior, helping businesses anticipate and prepare for likely scenarios. 


Incidents Collected

Incident Icon 12,500

Incidents collected per month and growing.

Different Nationalities

Flag Icon 17

Our team is made up of 17 different nationalities.

Management Experience

Management Icon 30

Management has 30 years experience of intelligence and risk.

Historical Data

History Icon 400,000

Historical incidents to examine.


Global Intelligence. Local Context. Experienced Support.

 Tailoring our support to a clients needs is core to the Intelligence Fusion proposition. We work on the foundation that delivering time sensitive material that is useful, practical and accurate can only be achieved by first understanding the unique requirements of your business.

Whether you have business activities in increasingly high-risk areas of the world, are emerging into a new market or are considering financial investment in unknown territory, our bespoke intelligence consultancy service can support you in identifying risk and analysing opportunities across the globe. 


Other Services

Platform Subscription Icon

Platform Subscription

Access our global threat intelligence feed with a subscription to our easy-to-use platform

Intelligence Data Feed Icon

Intelligence Data Feed

Integrate our threat intelligence data feed into your own software or platform via our simple API.

Bespoke Intelligence System Icon

Bespoke Intelligence System

Build your own bespoke intelligence platform with the data and technical support provided by us.


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