With years of experience across multiple countries, sectors and intelligence roles, we have developed our own Intelligence Training programme with the aim of helping organisations across the globe strengthen teams of analysts and their ability to collect intelligence.

Our military-grade processes and structure enables a new way of thinking, encouraging analysts to adapt alternative mindsets to better discover, evaluate and understand threats of every kind.

The intelligence training consists of an impressive and diverse range of modules, all built using real-life experiences, case studies and examples from our intelligence teams’ previous careers. These useful hooks of knowledge and tangible scenarios help analysts to absorb and comprehend the training.

The intelligence training course is used internally to tutor over 40 analysts from around the globe to ensure consistency and high standards in our intelligence gathering. Undertaken by students of many nationalities, our intelligence training programme is a concise and clear course that has successfully trained over 170 people from Intelligence Fusion so far.

Our Standard modules:

  • Open Source Intelligence Collection
  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Conducting Analysis and Assessment
  • Imagery Intelligence and Geolocation
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
  • Intelligence Reporting

We also have additional modules, which are reserved for clients that meet a certain suitability criteria:

  • Human Intelligence
  • Information Operations

Our intelligence training can be adapted to clients’ requirements and tailored to meet bespoke requests. We have the capacity to conduct face to face training, across the globe, or alternatively, we can also deliver the intelligence training course remotely.

If you’d like further insight into what our training programme consists of, you can download a selection of slides from our standard training modules below:


To have a confidential discussion regarding your training requirements, contact a member of the Intelligence Fusion management team today.

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